Nevşehir Raisins

Nevşehir Raisins
The benefits of Nevsehir raisins do not stop counting

     Raisins, the most delicious and most useful of dried fruits, is a healthy food for everyone from seven to seventy.  Raisins are a small, black dried fruit that is so loved by everyone that almost no one can resist it. Raisins, which contains vitamins A and B1, minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron and sodium, are a panacea. Raisins have been known for their various medicinal benefits for a long time.  Raisins are a useful food in terms of giving energy. Since the proportion of water in all dried fruits decreases, the remaining substances have a very large contribution to providing energy.  In our country, iron dec deficiency anemia(anemia) is quite common, and there are also children among the risk groups. Grapes can contribute to the prevention of anemia in children, because its iron content is very high, and iron also has very important functions in brain tissue.

Dr. Emin Acar mentioned the effect of black grapes on children's intelligence development and stated that your children should be fed black grapes with seeds, if you put these black grapes in their pockets every day, they will be smart and they will show superior success in their lessons.
Other important benefits of raisins as a source of healing;
- Raisins are liver-friendly, repair increases the blood rate in our body.
- Raisins have a fattening property if you eat it on the verge of partridge.
- Raisins dissolve and destroy many of them hard tumors in the body.
- Highly strengthens memory.
- Raisins are useful for jaundice.
- It energizes the body.
- It's an expectorant.
- It's a blood donor .
- It is useful for the liver.
- It's good for chest diseases.
- It is useful against joint inflammation.
- It stops coughing. It is boiled with anise, drunk with almond oil.
- It will burst boils, heal them. Ointment is made and applied with castor oil.
- Iron, calcium and potassium minerals in grape products have a therapeutic property for anemia, weakness, weakness and diarrhea, as well as bone development.
- Minerals treat weakness, anemia, diarrhea and weakness.
- It is also good for liver weakness, cough, bronchitis.
- It is very useful for the stomach.
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