Nevsehir Molasses

Nevsehir Molasses
Boilers are boiling in Nevşehir, the land of molasses

The tradition of making molasses, which has been kept alive for centuries, still continues in Nevşehir, one of the important centers of Turkey in grape and viticulture.
When we look at the history of Nevşehir's famous grape, approximately 300 years ago, Nevşehirli Grand Vizier Damat İbrahim Pasha established vineyards in his hometown and the sticks and logs of these vineyards are from that period. The famous Nevşehir black grape molasses, which attracts attention with its unique smell and feature in many districts, towns and villages of Nevşehir, is still prepared with traditional methods. This year, the price of organic molasses starts from 40 TL per liter in Nevşehir... This is how Nevşehir Grape Molasses is Made. CLICK to watch the video! Housewives in Nevşehir started to make natural grape molasses at home. Nevşehirli housewives started to make molasses with grapes they gathered from quality vineyards to be eaten during the winter months. Nowadays, it is possible to see people making grape molasses in the gardens of every house and vineyards in Nevşehir. The people of Nevşehir said, "Moscow is healing," and explained the production of molasses as follows: "We collect our beautiful and high quality grapes from our vineyards and wash them with plenty of water. Next, we extract the juice of our grapes by adding molasses to the sacks and chewing them with our feet until the juice comes out. This time, we add the extracted must into the cauldrons, boil it until it turns dark red, and then cool it. Then we put our cooled molasses in glass jars and leave it in our cellar. Our molasses is enjoyed at breakfast in the winter months.” Nevşehir molasses is completely organic... The women stated that the making of molasses in Nevşehir dates back to ancient times and that it is consumed for healing purposes in the winter months. Molasses is especially beneficial for the development of our children. When half a glass of molasses is drunk in cold weather, it is good for colds. It has blood-forming properties. "We know that it gives energy. It is good for shortness of breath. When you put black pepper in a small amount of molasses and drink it, it also relieves cough. It also has an appetite-stimulating feature at breakfast." Explaining that grape pulp (meatballs) is made by adding semolina to grape juice, the ladies said, "We collect the mixture of must and semolina on clean cloths by cutting them in the form of lozenges, and then waiting under the sun until it dries. It is consumed with cookies during the winter months.”
 The benefits of molasses, which is one of the important values ​​of Nevşehir residents, do not end with counting. Although it comes to our minds in the winter months, it seems that molasses did not find the value it deserves in its journey from ancient times to the present. However, the frequent mention of molasses by specialist physicians in recent years seems to have increased the interest in molasses. The benefits of molasses, which have many varieties such as grapes, mulberries and dates, are also quite high. It contains protein, minerals, magnesium, phosphorus and iron. In addition, it is protective against diseases, thanks to its ability to increase and strengthen the body resistance and the resistance of the immune system. It cleans the liver, opens the vessels, balances the clan pressure. In the disease stage, it accelerates the healing process. It has supportive properties in the treatment of stomach disorders. It is also among the benefits known to increase breast milk. It has anti-inflammatory properties. It cuts cough and is expectorant. It is very effective in the treatment of oral sores called thrush in both adults and children.
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